The next Apple Watch 7 could include a blood sugar meter

The next Apple Watch 7 could include a blood sugar meter


The future of smart watches is to be an essential health device. Like the Samsung rumors, Apple plans to launch its next smartwatch with a sensor for measuring blood glucose.

Apple Watch Series 7 wants to expand its medical capabilities with the implementation of a sugar meter without the need to go to take a blood sample.

Apple wants to play an important role in driving formal health-related tests, diagnoses and treatments, and adding a blood sugar sensor was the next step in making the Apple Watch an indispensable tool for health monitoring. .

According to ET News, it states that both the Apple Watch Series 7 and the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 will be able to measure blood sugar when each makes its official launch this year.

“Not only Samsung Electronics, but also Apple is applying the blood glucose measurement function to the Apple Watch 7 which will be introduced this year. With the related patent technology secured, it is focusing on ensuring reliability and stability before putting the technology available.”

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The approach of these devices is to perform non-invasive detection to detect blood sugar levels, which can be done using infrared sensors. These sensors are found in Series 5 and 6, but Apple could make this an exclusive feature of Series 7.