Privacy Policy

Privacy measures on the Internet are becoming better and better across the world. With the rise of rules such as GDPR, Internet users have more control over how their data is being used and whether it is protected by the right measures. While TechVati browsing The TechVati for the latest news updates, however, our users don’t have to worry about any privacy threats. At The TechVati, we make sure the best features of privacy are delivered to each of our readers. The major tenets of The TechVati Privacy Policy can be found below.

Given below is the official Privacy Policy of TechVati and is applicable for users who use the website for different purposes.

Data Logging

At TechVati, we keep a minimal and constant record of the number of visitors as well as basic details like the IP address and ISP details. It needs to be noted that these kinds of information cannot be linked to people but are completely rudimentary. This non-personally identifiable information is stored with the best security and is used for auditing purposes, whenever requested by legal authorities. In addition to IP address, the session information and clicks may also be recorded.

Collection of Personally-Identifiable Information

At TechVati, we do not demand the submission of information that cannot be linked to personal identity, but some features or module may require users to do that. For instance, a user may need to provide identity-based information such as email address and name when they have to make a comment or subscribe to an email newsletter offered by TechVati.

In addition, some forms require personal information to be provided. It needs to be noted that this data is protected using the best measures available. Users do not have to worry about the security of their information. Also, users can contact TechVati administration team to remove their information from the server, if the situation demands so.

TechVati also collects some other information such as the browser type and regional details, which aren’t personally-identifiable.

Use of Cookies

TechVati uses cookies on the website to ensure a smoother and effective service. It should be noted that the cookies are not used for tracking purposes. However, if users do not want cookies to be stored in device, they can disable it via Browser Settings.

By using TechVati, you acknowledge your agreement towards this privacy policy. Users are free to prevent themselves from using the website if they have issues regarding the privacy policy. Users are also requested to keep visiting the privacy policy page so that they are informed of the changes.