High altitude lake treks in Asian country

High altitude lake treks in Asian country


The Great Himalaya Mountain ranges still be the last word trek destination for journey lovers. mingling with causation flora & fauna and delightful lakes, one will notice peace and solace throughout the Himalayan lake trek. High Himalayan Lake Treks to be enclosed in Your Checklist Lake are Rakshatal in Thibet, Lake Manasarovar at Mount Kailash, Rara Lake and Tilicho Lake Kingdom of Nepal. whereas the list is endless, these areas unit some of the expeditions one will try throughout lake treks.

Bhrigu Lake Trek: Himachal Pradesh.
Most of the various treks take a minimum of four days. But, with this Himachal Beginner Trek, you will accomplish Associate in Nursing honest height in approx. 2 days, creating it Associate in Nursing honest for journey.
Marvelous peaks like Deo Tibba and 7 Sisters are additionally seen from here, Associate in Nursing honest incidental scan to be mesmerized! place along, you’ve Tibbs the selection of finishing this trek at the Vashisth quandary springs wherever you may get relief from all of your pain.

Trek place to start out – Gulaba, Manali
Best weather – Gregorian calendar month to August
Max elevation – 14000 feet
Distance – fifteen kilometre
Difficulty – powerful

Roopkund Trek- Uttarakhand.

A trek to Mystery Lake of Uttarakhand i.e. Roopkund Lake may be a must-do for an ardent trekker! Battling many adversities common to the Himalaya, this water body alerts within the laps of the snow-covered Mt. Trishul is settled at Associate in Nursing at an altitude of sixteen,499ft.

Most attractive for the human skeletons lying at the rock bottom of the lake, that area unit clearly visible once the snow melts, the lake is swarmed by the playfulness of holiday makers.

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The route on the Roopkund trek may be a fascinating journey of discovering the foremost pristine of the Himalayan contribution of oak and blooming bush forests.

Distance: 53km
Elevation : 16,499 ft
Difficulty: Moderate To troublesome
Best month – summer
Starting point – lohajung

Great Lakes Trek- Jammu and geographical area.

Kashmir lake is one amongst the foremost stunning treks in Asian country. absolute confidence. It validates Kashmir’s legendary standing as heaven on earth.

This is as a result of the trek is ready in an exceedingly canvas that’s larger than life. it’s settled seventy five kilometre northeast of Srinagar. daily may be a 360° panorama of untamed, rugged mountains, rolling meadows and turquoise alpine lakes. And you get over seven of those lakes and 5 terribly totally different valleys to explore!

The vary of landscape makes it a moderate-difficult trek spanning over six days. this suggests it’s long trekking days with steep ascents and descents with no straightforward exit points. So, it’s not meant for a beginner United Nations agency hasn’t been exposed to high-altitude treks.

Elevation- thirteen, 800 meters
Difficulty- powerful
Distance – sixty five kilometre
Starting point – Sonamarg
Best month – Gregorian calendar month and august

Kareri Lake Trek- Himachal Pradesh.

The special issue concerning this trek is, the majority don’t even acknowledge that this place exists! And you’ll notice entirely some of trekkers here. the extent of isolation is addictive, and so the regard to nature is one and entirely. Also, the lake is equally attractive the littlest quantity bit times of the year.

Trek beginning Point- Ghera village (Dharamshala).
Elevation – 9613 Feet
Difficulty – straightforward to moderate
Best Weather – March to Sept
Distance – four.5 km

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Chadar Trek- Ladakh

The chuddar Trek or the frozen watercourse trek is totally different within the slow gain that it takes in altitude, unfold equally throughout, and takes you to a most height of eleven,800 ft, deep within the Himalayas! The expertise starts at Leh, crosses the frozen Zanskar, and reaches the Ladakh city of Chilling, the particular place to begin of the trek from wherever the frozen watercourse trek starts. the overall distance lined throughout the chuddar trek may be a sixty two kilometre, unfold equally throughout the vi days of the trek that you simply undertake on foot. The chuddar trek is just open within the months of Gregorian calendar month and Gregorian calendar month, as these area unit the sole times once the emerald, flowing Zanskar watercourse is frozen enough to change trekking on that.

elevation – 11150ft
best month – Gregorian calendar month and Gregorian calendar month
starting point – tilad do
distance – approx. 105 km
difficulty – powerful


Lake Treks may be a blessing in disguise as compared to different treks. One {is able|is in an exceedingly position|is ready} to expertise life and nature in a totally different spectacle with lakes around. These treks redefine journey and nature’s soliloquy. Get the style of the journey of trekking on highest altitude with United States. At this altitude, the air is diluent and has less chemical element, that makes it troublesome to breathe. so as to try and do a high altitude trek, one has to be well-prepared still as have previous expertise of trekking.