The best ideas for practicing self-love

The best ideas for practicing self-love

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Having a partner or not should not be a pretext or motivation to celebrate that date in a special way, since the greatest love that exists in the world is self-love. If this does not exist, we will not be happy and our relationships with others will not be healthy (and we will hope that others will ‘complement’ us, without realizing that we are ALREADY more than complete and that we are capable of giving ourselves all the love, care and attention of the world). So this 2021 we want to give you a series of tips and ideas to love you as you deserve, pamper yourself to the fullest and realize how precious and special you are every day.

If you keep wondering how to practice self-love in 2021, you should know that the first step is very easy and it is simply that the first thought you have when you wake up is to give thanks (for whatever you feel lucky about).

From the simple fact of having one more day of life to having health, home, free time, food that you like, music that you love and loved ones around you.

Experimenting with your outfits, dressing up for yourself no matter what they say, posing like a goddess, and taking your own photoshoot is another great way to practice self-love.

Creating new beauty looks, of course they are also an incredible plan for this date (do not limit yourself with your makeup and hairstyle), you can follow tutorials, be inspired by your favorite celebs, or become a complete makeup artist and hairstylist and put into practice your own creations!

Seeing yourself in the mirror, smiling and saying something positive in front of your reflection is also a way to raise your self-esteem and improve your mood instantly!

Besides dancing, another way to get in tune with your body, burn calories and spend a positive way is by practicing yoga, Pilates or some other exercise technique that you enjoy too much.

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Meditate! Regardless of whether or not you are a yoga lover, meditating is a habit that everyone, without exception, should have every day. For at least 5 minutes a day, clear your mind, forget about worries and focus on your breathing (start with a deep inhalation for four seconds, hold for the next four seconds and exhale through the nose also in four times). Believe it or not, many headaches and anxiety symptoms can disappear with daily meditation.

Do journaling from today and start writing frequently (not by obligation but for pleasure) whenever you want, from what were your highlights of the day. Writing is great for clearing your mind, freeing yourself of pending issues and emotions or worries that you don’t want to carry on to say ‘Thank U, Next’ and start the next day blank and on the right foot!

What are you going to give yourself this Day? This is something that we should ask ourselves every Day of Love and Friendship (and every time we have a birthday), don’t wait for someone else to surprise you with some special detail, give yourself the best gift in the world: self-love! Oh, and by the way, indulge yourself with what you have wanted so much for a long time (from a skincare treatment to those shoes that you obsess over, a new gadget or a virtual course that motivates you).

Put together a special playlist for the occasion, with your favorite songs, the ones that raise your self-esteem and improve your mood and you know that they will keep you in the best attitude all day.

Pamper your scoop on this date, whether it’s cooking something that excites you and trying a new tutorial or ordering your spoiled meal: you deserve it! It is worth taking it as a cheat day and breaking the diet, without regrets.

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Cheers! Of course, preparing a special cocktail is another great idea to enjoy your day.

And taking advantage of the fact that you could recreate drinks worthy of ‘Sex and the City’, why not try them remotely with your friends, through a virtual party?

Call or write someone who is special to you to thank them for being in your life and brightening their day, especially if you know that they are going through a difficult time.

Spa at home! Today is the perfect day to start a new skincare and haircare routine, as well as to apply masks (don’t forget about areas like the elbows, feet and knees that we often neglect). This is definitely one of our favorite ways to indulge in self-love in 2021.

Reading that book that you left pending for a long time or catching up on your spoiled magazines is also an activity that we recommend you do.

Obviously, a marathon of series and movies with luxury snacks cannot be missing on your day.

Still can’t find your favorite podcast? Today is a great day to find out! There really is a wide variety of proposals with different themes that will catch you, from fashion and beauty to astrology, mindfulness and comedy.

Do not underestimate the power of aromatherapy and create an ideal atmosphere to spend your Day of Love and Friendship, either by lighting candles or incense.

Do EVERYTHING you want and don’t limit yourself! More ideas have probably come or will come to your mind to continue cultivating your self-love throughout 2021, so listen to your inner voice and pay attention to it, as long as you take care of yourself and do not harm others, this pandemic has reminded us that you only live once and that there is no better time than today to enjoy it 100%.