Our Team

Jordan Mark

Jordan Mark – Sr. Editor
Email: jordan@techvati.com
Phone: +1 323-645-6239

Jordan is a graceful personality, who has tremendous knowledge of the business and science sector. He has more than 10-years experience in this industry. He uses his techniques to collaborate thorough information from various sources. Jordan is a very healthy person like to travel a lot. He takes life as it comes and enjoys it.

David Matthew

David Matthew – Sr. Editor
Email: david@techvati.com
Phone: +1 323-645-6240

David has a lot of interest in technology domain, searching it easier to get through whatever the work allotted related to this domain. He must more than 8-year experience in the news industry. He gained knowledge from more than two companies and technology sector. He likes to stay updated with current trends in the technology domain. A very sporty person like to play football. He has a very optimistic view towards life.

Paul Jacobsen

Paul Jacobsen – Sr. Editor
Email: paul@techvati.com
Phone: +1 323-645-6241

Paul has an excellent grip on the health sector. His knowledge is much worthwhile in this sector. Before joining this industry, he worked as a healthcare volunteer. He has more than 7-year experience. A very conscious person about health. He is a very foodie person also and like to enjoy eating at various and new places.