About Us

TechVati was created with the major intention that it becomes a trustworthy and accurate platform for knowing about what is happening in the tech world. At TechVati, we are committed to creating a culture of authentic journalism and quick reporting. You would not have to wait for days to know something that has an instant impact on your life. Considering that we are living in a quick world, you should not have to spend a lot of time or resources to know what is going where. So, our team at TechVati makes sure that you have that delivered.

TechVati is made of a few people who are enthusiastic about finding and reporting what matters. We do try our best not to sensationalize the content while making sure that the content is completely readable for everyone. We also make sure that we select topics that have the highest value and authenticity, depending on sources that are trusted by readers but also industry leaders. It does not matter whether we are covering some business news or going through some updates in the tech industry, we make sure that our articles are based on valuable sources. In case of the source being not accurate, we’d rather not publish it.

We, at TechVati, are also committed to creating a new culture that empathizes with humanity and ethics. The result is that we have our own set of rules as to which news matter and which don’t. However, before we apply those ethics, a scanning from the reader’s perspective is done so that you don’t have to lose any piece of news. TechVati also tries to make sure that the privacy of our users is preserved with the best technologies. At the same time, we have made the website completely readable and easy to access — regardless of the device or platform you are using.