Top 9 Inspiring Window Curtain Ideas

Top 9 Inspiring Window Curtain Ideas


Curtains are one of the most necessary things for your bedrooms, bathrooms, living room and even stair windows. They are found in a variety of fabrics and materials that makes them eligible for different places and interiors of the room.

The curtains reflect your styling and fashion sense. It can give you an idea that either you are a simplicity lover or a fabulous fashionista. Choosing different types of curtains gives an effective and really creative look to your place. It will leave a long-lasting impression in the visitors’ eye if you opt for the best and eligible ones.

If you are choosing a fabric curtain then make sure that the color of your curtain matches the interior and designs of your room that gives an ideal appearance. You can decorate your house by choosing something contrast but see to it that it doesn’t ruin or overwhelm the look. The color of the curtain even provides you certain vibes.

Choosing a multicolor curtain for a children room is a great idea and for adults the light and pastel colors are more appropriate. Or else you can ditch the idea of fabric curtain and choose something unique by preferring for a bamboo curtain, blind curtains or panel window blinds that makes the house look just awesome. Here are some of the inspiring window curtain ideas that will help you find the best curtain for your place.

Light Linen Curtains:

Light Linen Curtains

The lightweight off-white or cream linen curtain can give your room a gorgeous appeal. Either it’s a small window or a floor touched large window the curtain suits every place. They give a cool and fresh atmosphere in summers protecting the room from sun rays. This sheer curtain provides a minimum amount of light to the place. These washable curtains are highly preferable for summers and hot weathers.

Blackout Curtains:

Blackout Curtains

The blackout curtains trap heat inside during winters and keeps light and heat away in summers. These curtains are made of a thick material that holds on the light and hot air and is preferable for hot weather areas. There are various color options and you can choose one that matches your interior. It can be a dark color jacquard curtain or a light colored cotton curtain with some beautiful designs and prints.

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Bamboo Curtains:

Bamboo Curtains

The bamboo blinds or bamboo curtains give a proper ventilation to the area where they are installed. They stop the bright sun rays from entering inside the room and maintain cool temperature in the area. This wooden shade will make a perfect match with your wooden floor and will give your decor a drastic appearance. The curtains are easy to clean and manage and that makes it a worth using curtain on a regular basis.

Panel Window Blinds:

Panel Window Blinds

The panel blinds are a variation of wide fabric panels that are vertically carved on a subtle headrail making it an ideal pick for large windows and bi-fold doors. They are an effective curtain that blocks the light and creates privacy depending upon the type of fabric that you choose. They are stylish as well as the best alternative of fabric curtains. They give a modish look to your house and look amazing on glass windows.

Double Layer Curtains:

Double Layer Curtains

A multi-layered curtain made from the light weight linen or muslin fabric that gives a sterling appeal to the interiors. Girls love to choose these curtains for their room in different colors or in color that perfectly matches with their interior. A fancy tie up with tassels is paired with the curtain that can be used while the curtains are open. This double layered or multi layered curtain looks adoring when it is floor length.

Curtain with Blinds:

Curtain with Blinds

Many people even opt for thin blinds at the window and a lightweight cloth curtain above it that helps to maintain the optimum privacy in the room. The blinds are usually made of aluminium and timber having a sliding chain that helps to open and close it whenever required. They can be covered with matching curtains or drapes that give a sheer appeal to the place. The blinds stop sunlight to enter inside.

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Shutter Window Curtains:

Shutter Window Curtains

The vertical shutter window blinds can be made of different materials that include pinoleum blinds, wooden blinds or plastic blinds. They give a stylish and fancy look to the window and even helps to maintain a cool temperature in the room. They do not blackout the room, you get enough light that passes through the spaces of the shutter at daytime. It is a cost-friendly curtain that is even durable and long-lasting.

PVC Strip Curtains:

PVC Strip Curtains

The transparent strip curtain is one of the most famous curtains that is most commonly used in factories and industries. They are available in different colors and can be used as per the choice or place. The transparent aqua blue strips are used on the entrance of the hospital and at large windows of your home. The yellow and green PVC Strip Curtains are used in factories and industries that help in maintaining the temperature of the atmosphere.

Vibrant Cotton Curtains:

Vibrant Cotton Curtains

Either it’s about clothes or decor cotton always stands out to be the prior choice. The thick cotton curtain with beautiful designs and prints can give your room a graceful appeal. They look super attractive if the walls of your room are dark and bright. You can even match it with the furnishings of your room so that your place looks pretty. The cotton curtains are perfect for hot weather and places with moderate climate.

You can pick any curtain of your choice depending upon your room, office or workplace to maintain a delightful environment.

All the curtains mentioned above are easy to install and manage that can be used in hospitals, office premises, schools, malls and your home. Go through all the varieties and then decide which one will best suit your place and then according to it choose the right length and width to make your place gleam and shine with utmost diligence.