Smoke app allows you to access Steam from your Apple Watch

Smoke app allows you to access Steam from your Apple Watch


The Smoke app is available for free on the App Store.

An unusual new app is appearing on the Apple Watch App Store. This allows you to access the Steam video game platform directly from your wrist.

Obviously, the Smoke app doesn’t allow you to play your favorite video games. The dial of the connected watch would not allow this. But the app still does several things that should appeal to Steam enthusiasts.

From your wrist, you can view the games you own, the success status and your playing time. You can also see the store information of your games and those of your friends, see if they are online and the games that they recently played. From the app, you can find items for the games you’ve downloaded, open them, save them to your iPhone, and share them with your friends.

Finally, you can customize the iOS application, in particular with regard to the theme color and the icons of the app.

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If some of the features are chargeable, the basic Smoke app is free. Note that you must have defined your Steam account in public and not in private.

It is unclear whether this application will not attract the wrath of Steam or Apple Recently, a nostalgic application to transform your iPhone into an old iPod had been removed from the App Store.