5 Best Air Curtains To Keep Conditioned Air Indoor

5 Best Air Curtains To Keep Conditioned Air Indoor


Air curtains are the best thing to keep the environment fresh and clean. They look like air conditioners and make a transparent curtain below the machine that stops fungus, bacteria, germs, flu and other things that can cause health issues. The air curtains are usually installed at the entrance or above the windows from which the air comes inside.

They are preferable for commercial places and your home as well. The air curtain is made of stainless steel that is rust free and doesn’t get oxidised due to the moisturised air of the surrounding. They can be easily installed on the wall with the help of all the screws and attachments available with it.

The list even consists of other air curtains that are favourable for places such as pharmacies, hotels, malls, airports and restaurants. Whenever someone enters inside it is very sure that the person may carry some germs and dirt along with him in the place.

These unhealthy pollutants then can harm people’s health. So the better option is to use some modern technology that will save you from this harm. Choose an air curtain for this thing.

This invisible curtain is used to give relief from the hot temperature hence providing cold air. Another advantage of installing these curtains is that they restrict the dirt and pollution to enter inside the place. There are different air curtains available in the market from which some of the popular ones are listed below.

  1. Gree Air Curtain

Gree Air Curtain

Air curtains from Gree are widely popular among the users as they provide a healthy working environment. There are different models available here that help you keep the indoor cool and fresh by keeping insects, fumes and fungus away from the place.

The curtains are favourable for residential areas and workplaces as well. It is eligible to create a high airflow and makes very less noise that does not disturb the staff working there. It automatically starts when someone enters inside and kills dirt and dust if any in the area.

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  • It is among one of the quietest air curtains.
  • It requires an easy installation and cleaning process.
  • Its automatic features make it one of the perfect devices to install above the glass doors.
  1. Mitsubishi Air Curtain

Mitsubishi Air Curtain

A well-known electric curtain brand that is popular worldwide is Mitsubishi. This Japanese multinational company provides a wide range of electronic products from which the air curtain is also the one.

It keeps dirty air pollutants away from the surrounding and maintains better hygiene indoors. It comes with an automatic switch and some adjustable features that makes it a good pick for places residing near factories and industries.


  • It is one of the powerful air curtains that gives a powerful airflow.
  • They are best for kitchens, factories, laboratoires and airports.
  • These air curtains are energy efficient and save electricity. 
  1. Panasonic Air Curtain

Panasonic Air Curtain

This one needs no introduction. The Panasonic air curtains are popular due to its long life and durable quality. Some people are allergic to polluted air or have some air borne diseases such as asthma. For them, breathing in clean and fresh air is very important and therefore they opt to install air curtains in home that gives them cool and clean air.

You may have seen these air curtains in airports and malls where many people visit in a single day. Mount these curtains on the wall above the gate or window and experience fresh air.


  • It gives a perfect airflow to the indoors.
  • It has a remote control that makes it easier for you to control the air curtain.
  • This one has the highest ratings from customers.
  1. Maxwell Air Curtain

Maxwell Air Curtain

The electric air curtain from Maxwell gives a customisable solution to your place. Whether it is hot outside or the air outside is polluted, then the air curtain is a good option. It can be a white air curtain or a stainless steel silver air curtain that is recommendable for a healthy living.

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It is made of high quality materials and is a bit heavy in weight that gives a better experience to the user. The air curtains of Maxwell are elegant and graceful that gives your home a well accomplished look.


  • The best thing is that it makes a minimum noise.
  • It is the best pick for commercial places.
  • The device is reliable and durable for every place.
  1. Awoco Air Curtain

Awoco Air Curtain

Awoco air curtains are the best to provide cool and fresh air. They are most needy in hot summers as they provide relief in that hot weather. It has a good speed and cools the place in just a few minutes. These air curtains are easy to install and can be used anytime. They have rotating blowers inside that covers the entire area.

It works on a magnetic switch control that turns on and off automatically. You just need to adjust it above the door and it will create an invisible barrier that will restrict heat, smoke, dust and fumes away.


  • It is the right touchless and invisible technology, keeping the workplace safer.
  • It restricts all the dirt particles from entering inside.
  • They are found in different widths and can be installed at the right places.

So go ahead and choose your favourite air curtain that will help you breathe in fresh and cool air. You need to choose the right width depending on the size of your door so that they can provide eligible air inside the place.

A comfortable environment gives you positive vibes and a fresh mind that helps you work effectively. A cool and fresh environment keeps mind in peace therefore installing an air curtain is very important and effective as well.

As now you even have the option regarding the air curtains so don’t think just choose one and mount it at your place to get a refreshing day.