Lyft is Pulling Its Electric Bikes from the Streets of San Francisco Citing Battery Pack Issue

Lyft is Pulling Its Electric Bikes from the Streets of San Francisco Citing Battery Pack Issue


Electric bikes and scooters have introduced a dramatic change in means of transformation. People have adopted the electronic mean of transport. Increased use of those electric vehicles also has a dark side. Sometimes the e-bikes, almost 10kg heavier than conventional bikes, automatically catch fire. So there arrives a question whether it is safe to use or not? Lyft, Inc., a San Francisco-based transportation network company, recently unveiled a new bike model last month. Now it’s pulling bikes from the streets of San Francisco and South Bay Area citing two recently catching fire. The latest incident took place yesterday, i.e., on Wednesday. It is the second time; the event has occurred. Before this, another e-bike appeared to have caught fire on Saturday.

According to the San Francisco Fire Department, the fire incident is a result of an issue in a battery pack issue. So it was a fire from the block of cells, which are connected to the bike frame. Immediately after knowing the problem, the company has pulled its e-bikes from the city. The ride-hailing company noted rider safety is its priority and wanted to be proactive. A Lyft representative said for now they are making the e-bike fleet inaccessible to riders. Even more, they are probing and striving to update their battery technology. The Lyft executive also thanked their riders for their kindness and assured arrival of e-bikes soon. For now, the company is also pulling its e-bikes from San Jose and Oakland.

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Whereas, the company is trying to deliberate it has the exclusive right to rollout dockless electric bikes in San Francisco. The e-bikes are one of the company’s dockless mobility option. In June, Lyft rebranded the pink bikes under Bay Wheels Platform. Motivation, a Lyft-owned bike-share company operates those bikes. It is the second time in the current year; the company is pulling pink bikes. Before this, in April, the ride-hailing giant pulled its electric bikes from streets across the nation. At the time, the bikes had a problem in the braking system, which seems extremely dangerous to riders. In the end, it is a crucial issue for Lyft as it could threaten the company’s capacity to have a hold over bike-share alternatives in San Francisco likely.