Michelle Obama's Becoming on Netflix soon

Michelle Obama’s Becoming on Netflix soon


Netflix will air a new documentary about the ex-first lady of the United States on May 6. Just like Michelle Obama’s book, the documentary will be called ‘Becoming’.

Michelle Obama on her Netflix book tour
The documentary begins where the book ended. In ‘Becoming’ we follow Michelle on her tour that she did after the publication of her book. “This film provides a glimpse into my life and the experiences I have had during my book tour,” said Michelle.

She tells the media that she has met many inspiring people on her travels and that she is truly genuine and strong about what connected them. “In these times of crisis it is sometimes difficult to notice, but I have seen that in all kinds of communities, large or small, people come together as a whole.”

The documentary is a directorial debut by Nadia Hallgren in collaboration with Higher Ground. Higher Ground is the production house run by Michelle and Barack Obama.

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Becoming: book sales record
Michelle’s book Becoming became the top-selling book published in the United States soon after its debut. After 15 days, the book already achieved this record. The book is about the lives of Michelle and Barack Obama. It consists of three main parts: Becoming Me, Becoming Us and Becoming More.

In the book section ‘Becoming Me’ we follow her during her studies at Princeton University and Harvard Law School as well as her career with the legal organization Sidley Austin, where she met Obama. Becoming Us is about the beginning of the relationship with Barack and continues with the political career, the book illustrates the balance between her role as ‘First Lady’, her role as mother and wife. Becoming More reflects President Obama’s path through his presidency.