Amazon challenges JEDI contract between Pentagon and Microsoft

Amazon challenges JEDI contract between Pentagon and Microsoft


October 28, 2019, was a very bad day in Amazon’s history. That day, it was announced that the Pentagon, the United States Department of Defense, would close a deal with Microsoft to provide cloud servers. After all, Amazon was Microsoft’s main competitor in the battle for the “JEDI” project. The value of the deal between Microsoft and Pentagon is estimated at around $ 10 billion. Pocket money that Amazon would have liked to have added to their bank account.

Amazon is still fighting and wants to challenge the agreement. Andy Jassy, ​​CEO of Amazon Web Services that offers cloud servers, reported that news today to Federal Times business magazine. That decision was made in a board of directors yesterday. According to Jassy, ​​even the necessary homework has already been done to go to court. Amazon is demanding more explanation from the government as to why the JEDI contract went to Microsoft after all.

Because according to Amazon, there is one clear culprit in the story: none other than President Donald Trump. It is often put forward as the cause of a problem. At Amazon, they firmly believe that the President has unlawfully interfered with the award of the JEDI contract. For example, according to reports, he would have ordered Defense Minister Jim Mattis not to give the contract to Amazon.

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After all, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos and Donald Trump do not have a very good relationship. Trump has been extremely critical of the retail giant in the past. In 2017, he said USPS, the US postal service, had become “dumber and poorer” through their partnership with Amazon. It is one of the many examples of verbal stitches that the two parties like to give each other. This 2018 tweet empowers those words:

Amazingly, Trump has not yet made this news available on his favorite medium, Twitter. He may be too busy defending himself against the impeachment process that started this week.