Pierce Brosnan wants the next James Bond to be a woman

Pierce Brosnan wants the next James Bond to be a woman


James Bond is a typical character who already has a recognized franchise, and was always played by male actors. Long ago, many voices are looking for agent witness 007 to pass a woman to her next stage. Pierce Brosnan himself, who played the character in several installments of the saga, has also joined this echo and revealed his point of view on this issue.

After the departure of Daniel Craig as the last James Bond, many people bet on the search for a woman to take command of the next films. Pierce Brosnan opined on this topic: “I think we’ve seen men do it for the past 40 years. Get out of the way, guys, and put a woman there. I think it would be stimulating; it would be exciting.”

The community wants, but the producers don’t
However, not everyone shares the opinion of former James Bond. According to Pierce Brosnan himself, it is complicated that we can get to see a woman as the protagonist: “I don’t think it happens with the Broccolis, I don’t think it happens under his command.” Barbara Broccoli and Michael G. Wilson are currently the producers of the saga, and in 2018 Broccoli has already made it clear that she is not ready for this new twist for the character: “James Bond is a man. He is a male character. It is written as a man and probably stays as a man.”

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Even so, rumors about a possible female agent 007 remain latent. This assumption began a few months ago when Lashana Lynch was seen as a possible substitute for Daniel Craig.