Google Stadia Already Has Its App Is Available in Play Store

Google Stadia Already Has Its App Is Available in Play Store


You can now download the official Google Stadia app for Android

Stadia, the new dedicated streaming service for Google video games, will be available on November 19 in some countries, and can be played on any device: smartphone, tablet, Windows PC, macOS, ChromeOS and from the Chrome browser.

Now, a few days after its official launch, the Google Stadia application for Android is now available for download in the Play Store, so if you have a compatible device and your country is in the list of nations compatible with the service, you can now Download the official app.

With the Google Stadia app the user can manage their account in full, that is, from there they can buy the games, manage the controllers, among other options. When you start the app, a presentation of the service and some games that you can acquire among which Destiny 2 stands out will be displayed.

Of course, you will be asked to log in with a Google account to have full access to the service. The interface is quite intuitive, with a menu at the bottom that gives access to the store, as well as to the Home and in the same way you can explore the novelties.

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Google Stadia will officially launch on November 19 for all those users who pre-ordered the Stadia Founders Edition or Premiere Edition packages from the Google Store, and those who receive a Founder’s Buddy Pass.

Source: 9to5Google