Microsoft Registers Xbox Velocity Architecture Trademark

Microsoft Registers Xbox Velocity Architecture Trademark


At Generación Xbox we closely follow the whole issue of Microsoft’s trademarks and patents. We already anticipated that the Americans registered Xbox Series, Fable and many other brands that pull directly from the intellectual properties of those from Redmond.

Today we add one more, Xbox Velocity Architecture. That if you read us assiduously, you will know that it is nothing other than the entire framework within the Xbox Series X architecture designed to optimize and speed up load times and read and write speeds.

Xbox Velocity Architecture
We can see that the registration was made between September 1 and 4 and that it uses the typical generic category for games and adherents. The application number is 90152100 and is currently pending evaluation.

The fact that Microsoft has registered the name of your system, suggests that it will be used on different hardware and not just on a single console. So we could hope that this is a new clue about the existence and possible announcement of Xbox Series S.