Control: On PS4 and Xbox One with performance issues

Control: On PS4 and Xbox One with performance issues


The console versions of the mystery action game Control are currently struggling with some big problems. Especially adverse are current reports, the slump in overall performance, which can occur not only in battles. Remedy Entertainment has not commented on this topic so far.

The recently released mystery-action game Control leaves a good figure graphically. But that seems to have its price. Because according to recent reports, especially the console versions of the game have to deal with sometimes strong problems. The experts at Digital Foundry have taken a closer look at this.

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According to the developers for Control on the PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One Although aim at a refresh rate of 30 frames per second. But as tests with the current version of the game show, the performance often goes down severely. In part, prices of only 15 fps can be measured. Incidentally, this does not just happen during combat sequences, which are especially affected by the issues. This sometimes even goes so far that the player is not always able to control the protagonist in hectic situations. By the way, the PlayStation 4 Pro and the Xbox One X are no exception, even though the game is slightly better on the top models.

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Digital Foundry is currently advising the player to wait for a Patch for Control that could solve the biggest problems of its kind. However, the development studio Remedy Entertainment has not yet commented on this issue, so it is not known when such an update is expected. As soon as something happens, we will give it to you immediately.