Apple TV app coming on Chromecast with Google TV next year

Apple TV app coming on Chromecast with Google TV next year


The Mountain View firm released a new Chromecast device with Google TV earlier this year. In case you didn’t know yet, the latter is a new interface for Android TV. It is based on machine learning from the search engine, Google Assistant and the Google Knowledge Graph. Its goal is therefore to optimize the Android TV experience. Today we learn via 9t5google that the internet giant’s new electronic streaming device equipped with Google TV will soon host Apple TV.

Original content
The information was revealed by Google in a blog post dated December 16. Currently, only Sony TVs running Android TV support Apple TV. With this announcement from the American firm, we can then expect a major change. While the company hasn’t given an exact date for the rollout, it is aiming for a launch early next year.

Interestingly, this app will allow Chromecast users with Google TV to watch original Apple TV + content, whether it’s shows, movies, or documentaries. Visual content purchased on iTunes will also be accessible there. This update will also give us the ability to access the Apple TV channels we subscribe to.

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Personalized recommendations
To top it off, the interface will display personalized recommendations and search results. In other words, the user shouldn’t have a hard time searching for their favorite shows and movies. “This includes titles like ‘Ted Lasso,’ ‘The Morning Show,’ ‘Defending Jacob,’ ‘Greyhound,’ and ‘Mariah Carey Magical Christmas Special,'” Google notes in its release.

A watch list will also be proposed. We can add original content to this section. According to the world’s number one search engine, this feature will make the Apple TV experience on Chromecast with Google TV an extension of recent updates to Google smart speakers that have received Apple Music.

Also according to Google, this upcoming arrival of Apple’s streaming service on its media player will make it one of the few devices to support the service of the Cupertino company. After Chromecast with Google TV, Apple TV will land on more Sony devices powered by Android TV. However, it is not known whether this will also be the case for Android portable devices (smartphones and tablets).