Apple partners with TSMC to develop ultra-thin displays on AR devices

Apple partners with TSMC to develop ultra-thin displays on AR devices


Apple is working with TSMC to develop an ultra-thin, energy-efficient micro OLED display for its upcoming augmented reality devices

The Californian tech giant is collaborating with longtime Taiwanese chip supplier TSMC to make micro OLED displays made directly on wafers of chips, rather than glass like traditional OLED or LCD displays.

This allows the screens to be much thinner and consume less power, something very valuable for the development of portable augmented reality and virtual reality devices.

Apple could reportedly launch its first virtual reality headsets next year, while lightweight augmented reality glasses could arrive in 2023.

The micro OLED display project is in the trial production stage, and according to sources, it will take years to achieve mass production.

“Panel players are good at making ever-larger screens, but when it comes to thin and light devices like AR glasses, you need a very small screen,” said a source who has direct information on the micro R&D project OLED.

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Also, in the same lab, Apple is working on the technology to develop microLED displays, which will help eliminate the need for a traditional backlight. Eventually, these displays could be incorporated into upcoming Apple devices.