Apple Launches Self Service Repairs

Apple Launches Self Service Repairs


Apple announces DIY repairs, where you can buy parts as a private person to repair your iPhone or Mac. You just get the instructions. The screen, battery and camera can be replaced first, later the service will be expanded.

Apple is committed to Self-Service repairs. The giant is going to sell parts with which you can restore your iPhone or Mac, along with the instructions. The screen, battery and camera will be available first, along with nearly 200 other parts, starting with the iPhone 12 and iPhone 13.

More components will be on the list over the course of next year, including for Macs with M1 chips. Customers who return their old parts to Apple for recycling after repair will receive a discount on their next purchase in return.

Technical knowledge required
Since Apple has always resisted repairing devices itself, this is a complete turnaround. The company therefore clearly states that the parts are intended for private individuals with sufficient technical knowledge.

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TechCrunch indicates that your warranty will not expire if you repair the device yourself, although this does happen in case of damage. It is therefore important to follow the instructions very carefully. According to Apple, consulting a certified technician is still the most reliable solution.

More recognized parts
Apple already had an Independent Repair Providers program that gave independent repair points access to the same training, parts and tools as Apple Authorized Service Providers. With the new service, customers are likely to purchase more authorized full-price parts than look for cheap decoctions of them.

“Yet this is not yet the open source repair revolution we are fighting for with the right-to-repair movement,” said Elizabeth Chamberlain, sustainability director at iFixit. There are still many restrictions attached to the service.