iOS 13: a flaw in the payment process exposes user data

iOS 13: a flaw in the payment process exposes user data


Two Apple users reported witnessing a strange behavior of iOS 13. Wishing to update their credit card data stored on their account, both users ended up with the personal and banking information of complete strangers. Two cases that question the reliability of iOS 13 and could have serious repercussions for some users.

The first user explained on Reddit that he ended up with the name, last name, mailing address and the last four digits of a bank card of a person who was unknown to him when he tried to replace his credit card on his iTunes account.

The story of the second user is similar since he explained – on Reddit again – wanted to modify the bank card that was registered on his account and ended up with the same type of personal data of a person he did not know

The latter then contacted Apple to inform him of the problem. Apple’s assistance would then have confirmed that the problem was actually known by Apple’s teams and that a fix was in development.

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If the second user-specified having encountered the problem after installing iOS 13, it is difficult to know if the bug is related to this update of the system or if it comes from Apple’s servers.

The progress of the launch date of iOS 13.1 could perhaps be related to this bug or could simply bring the fix. The first update of iOS 13.1 will be available on September 24th.

According to a developer, the bug would not come from the software but would be related to a cache problem that would be present for years. If so, the mediatization of the fault should push the Apple to react.