Apple deploy iOS 13.2.3 to fix several bugs

Apple deploy iOS 13.2.3 to fix several bugs


A week after the deployment of iOS 13.2.2, Apple releases the new version to correct the problems identified in the previous version.

It’s no secret, especially for users, Apple is having a lot of problems with its iOS operating system. Since the release of the 13th version last September, Apple has regularly updated the updates to correct the various bugs found in previous ones.

Today, the Californian firm deploys iOS 13.2.3. This update is primarily corrective since it comes to provide solutions to the problems identified in the latest version.

Thus, the update solves a problem in searches in the System, but also in Mail, Files and Notes. It also corrects another concern in the Mail application that prevented users from retrieving message passes for inclusion or quoting in another mail.

iOS 13.2.3 solves the problem of previewing photos and attachments. Finally, the update fixes a bug that prevented the download in the background.

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To take advantage of these corrections, go to the settings of your iPhone or iTouch, General and Software Update to download this update.