Facebook and Instagram Have Test New E-Commerce Ads Manager

Facebook and Instagram Have Test New E-Commerce Ads Manager


The eMarketer figures are clear; during 2019, in the world, they will reach 3 thousand 453 million dollars, according to the projections. Growth will not stop, and the strategies should cover the customer experience precisely in this regard.

In this regard, Mexico is among the leading countries in Latin America. Among the markets with the highest share of e-commerce in the region, there are Brazil (38.3 percent), Argentina (22 percent) and Mexico (19.4 percent).

The penetration of electronic commerce in Mexico is expected to grow to 52.7 percent of the population.

But in the world the trend is similar, that is why social networks have started a specific successful formula so that brands can offer a much simpler and more enjoyable e-commerce shopping experience.

The most powerful social network today is Facebook. The platform is the most used in the world, so far with 2.32 billion active users per month, above all platforms, so it must be one of the main ones in this initiative to promote successful e-commerce.

Facilities in Ads Manager
This is how today it was announced that Facebook and Instagram have e-commerce news in Ads Manager. These are two new ad features.

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The first is an in-app payment experience for dynamic ads that are published on Facebook News Feed and that the customer of this converts organic shopping posts on Instagram into an advertisement through the Ad Manager.

The second is a new native payment function for dynamic ads, allowing users to discover a product through a dynamic ad and buy from there without having to leave the application.

A spokesman for the social network revealed to international media that “these new ads are based on how people like to discover and buy products on Facebook and Instagram so that the design and experience of the ad are familiar.”

Finally, this tool benefits the practice of e-commerce, the experience of the user of the app, the customer who wants to buy quickly and companies, because according to the company, friction in online payment processes costs brands Americans about 213 billion a year, specifically are calculations this year.

The section of buying online is something that still fails in some companies, which causes too many sales falls because, at the same time that the consumer receives the notification of failure, the relationship with a company outside the latest technology trends and that does not guarantee a Good service, arrive immediately.

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It is so important to be able to buy online for the current consumer, as much as the platforms are for an important sector of the population. Facebook is scoring good points when updating Instagram features in this regard, as it is an important part of its offer.

Instagram currently has more than 104.7 million users, to which the platform ensures that 1.6 million would be added during 2019. Without a doubt, it is one of the leading platforms today, and that promises growth and a portal that brands cannot afford to leave out of their strategies.

Especially when Tik Tok rounds the steps of the current offer, as it is an emerging app that is attracting NFL level brands or Ralph Lauren.