Review new iPad Mini: we're a little in love

Review iPad Mini: we’re a little in love


The undersigned has always been a fan of the iPad mini. The compact size came in handy in my slightly too fanatical Angry Birds years (I know, don’t ask). Of course, the iPad Airs and the iPad Pros that followed in the years that followed are much more impressive technically and in terms of screen size, but I’ve always had a soft spot for that little rascal. And with the new iPad Mini, Apple has given its gap year something quite surprising and special.

A15 Bionic chip, USB-C, 8.3 display

The new iPad mini is a lot like Apple’s Pro series iPads, but even more like the iPad Air; with a flatter design and a larger 8.3-inch display (the Touch ID has been moved to the top button in the top-right corner). The tablet features the faster A15 Bionic CPU, a USB-C port instead of Lightning (yes!), 5G connectivity and support for Apple’s second-generation Pencil.

The latter is very nice, because I think the iPad Mini is by definition the ideal tablet for the whole family. You can certainly perform serious tasks with the new hardware – it is of course not a Pro, but it is ideal as a second screen or to hold meetings on the go, for example – and at the same time it is also a wonderful, compact entertainment gadget that uses the latest shows games, series and films without a penny of pain. The Apple Pencil for drawing and casual design turns out to be a wonderful match for the new Mini.

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New cameras work like a charm

The cameras have also been upgraded. On the back is now a 12-megapixel camera with an f/1.8 aperture, which thanks to the True Tone flash, takes better photos in low light, while the selfie camera is now a 12-megapixel ultra-wide shooter with support for Center Stage, allowing you stay in view when you move. This works very nicely in practice. It also works smoothly with two people in the picture and zooms in on the person who is speaking. If you move during Zooming or Teams, the camera will continue to follow you and keep you well in view. The added value of more screen also pays off here, of course.

Why you might choose the iPad Mini 5?

Obviously, I’m excited about the iPad Mini 6, but that doesn’t mean the previous model is poor. In fact, the iPad Mini 5 is now an average of €409 compared to the starting price of €559 for the new iPad Mini 6. The previous model is a fine tablet that will receive years of updates, is equipped with a headphone jack and the
classic home button operation. But if you can spare the money, then in my view the advantages of the latest model definitely outweigh.

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We’ll admit it, we’re a little bit in love with the new iPad Mini. It can actually do everything that the iPad Air can do, and it’s a mere 100 euros cheaper too. In addition, the size is really nice, and the tablet remains super light. Gaming, reading an ebook, video calling, using it as a second screen, quickly editing a small movie, listening to music, or watching a series on the go… it’s all possible and you can easily put the iPad Mini in your (hand) bag.