Microsoft is getting closer to abandoning UWP applications

Microsoft Is Getting Close To Abandoning UWP Applications


With the arrival of Windows 10 we saw a new platform that sought to unite the development of any platform, UWP. This proposal from Microsoft sought that a mobile application could work on Xbox, PC, Hololens and any product with this operating system.

In fact, all games created in the early stages of the Microsoft Store use this technology. Unfortunately, his support was never as expected by Redmond, and in fact the death of Windows 10 Mobile eliminated part of that idea that would simplify the creation of Software in Windows.

Even so, from Microsoft they seemed to keep boosting this technology, offering 95% of the profits to the developers. This only applied to applications and not to games, but it was a way to encourage this development. Now, and seeing that they don’t get everything they could expect, bad news comes to the UWP.

Microsoft seems willing to kill UWP
Beginning June 1, 2020 , Redmond will close the universal application ad platform. This will mean that, as of that date, UWP applications cannot be monetized by ads . While there are still methods to monetize universal applications, it was widely used.

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After all, free applications often use ads as a quick and easy way not to force the user to pay and continue to maintain the development. We will have to see how it affects developers at the moment of truth, although it is bad news for those applications that continued to support them.

We do not know where the development of Windows 10 will end. Remember that these are part of the applications we found on Xbox One, so Microsoft should not kill it soon. Even so, it is something that only time will tell, although it seems aimed at thinking about the end of a great idea.