Intel chip in your PC contains irreparable security error

Intel chip in your PC contains irreparable security error


Malicious people can hack a security key and thereby acquire countless Intel chips with their content.

Security specialists at Positive Technologies have found a huge security flaw in Intel chips. According to the researchers, this is an error that occurs during the start-up of your PC. That means that the error is in the security system of the Intel chip that is capable of starting up your PC but also contains, among other things, cypnographic functions.

According to the researchers, it is difficult to misuse the error but would like to emphasize that it is irreparable. Due to the fact that the error is in the boot phase of your PC, Intel cannot solve the problem with a simple firmware update.

Intel Meltdown and Specter
It is not the first time researchers have found security errors in Intel chips. Already in 2018, researchers found many major leaks that made it possible for malicious people to extract data from the chips.

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The chip contains a system that has its own 486-based CPU, RAM and boot ROM. This is the first “system” that starts up when you press the button on your PC. The system is called CSME and ensures that the memory of the PC is protected. But, just before that phase, there is a brief moment where the memory of your PC is still vulnerable. Positive Technologies therefore warns that hackers with physical access may be able to overwrite or lock your RAM.