10 tips to power your marketing in social media

10 tips to power your marketing in social media


Digital Marketing includes all those advertising actions that are executed through the Internet in order to attract more public. Online Marketing strategies will allow you to attract more customers for your business, through advertisements and proposals on social networks. These are means that involve less costs than traditional Marketing.

Marketing strategies should help you comply with the plans you plan to implement for your business. The key to meeting the objectives depends on the dynamics, which should include every novelty and detail in social networks, so you can take great advantage.

We have compiled a list of 10 tips to boost your Social Media marketing. This way you will know some techniques will be very helpful below.

Attract more users with infographics
The infographics are responsible for summarizing data and exposing them in an attractive way for the public. Including graphic products is essential in digital marketing. To make infographics there are several options on the Internet, from Easil to Canva, through Visme and many others that we discuss in this article.

Keep your content updated
Having your content updated is a great strategy. First you should review your articles and choose those that have more audience. Then you must provide them with the data that arose after their publication. The next thing you will have to do is republish it on your social networks.

Use the social buttons
You must make your content spread to many masses, so you must give users a way to share your post. There are social buttons, which will allow other users to share your posts on their social networks with the press of a button. If you have chosen WordPress you can add them with AddToAny, for example.

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Organize contests and promotions
There is no doubt that contests and promotions attract a large audience, so we advise you to implement them. This way you would also give entertainment to your followers. Choose special dates for this or important eve of the year, so the public will associate your brand with pleasant moments.

Schedule the publication of your content
Use the Postcron extension available for Chrome. It will allow you to schedule the content you are browsing on the Internet. It will be in charge of publishing it to your followers at the moment you decide. A perfect tool, since surely you usually find very good content to share it.

You can also use Buffer, hootsuite and other similar tools.

Know your statistics on social networks
It is important that you have an analysis of your Social Media, so you know if you are meeting your goals. In this way you will know what content is more successful by your followers and at what time, to improve your publishing strategy. You can use tools such as Google Analytics, Facebook Insights or Twitter Analytics.

Participate in the conversations
You must participate in the most important conversations to reach your followers. Depending on the site your publications should be linked to the topic being discussed at the moment. For example, on Twitter you can check the topics that are in trend, then publish something by adding the hashtag of the subject in question.

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Interact with your followers
Keep an interactive mode with your audience, therefore, you must make sure you respond to the mentions they make to you, when you have the opportunity. Also thank for the likes and comments you receive. Showing yourself kind and grateful, will make your followers not stop participating in your proposals.

Make direct action calls
You can directly ask your followers to do what you expect, sometimes it turns out to be an excellent strategy. You can ask your audience to follow you for example on Twitter from your accounts on other social networks. You can do the same if you expect to have more likes or comments.

Select the best content to share
The content is the means by which you will reach the public, therefore, it is very important that you focus your publications on the topics that most interest your audience. Consult BuzzSumo, for example, which will give you information about the most shared posts on social networks.

You already have 10 important tips that you should keep in mind to place your brand or company in a good position in social networks.