Important variables in social networks for marketing strategies

Important variables in social networks for marketing strategies


We are not going to extend saying that social networks are one of the most effective tools to retract more customers and therefore sales to a business. Today, we will focus on knowing what these important data are and that sometimes They go unnoticed before doing digital marketing campaigns.

Surely you have focused on other tools to create business strategies, but if you also resort to the data you will see below we are sure that the positive results will multiply from the first campaign.

The 5 statistics you should keep in mind for upcoming marketing strategies

– Demographic data to establish better publications: taking into account age, gender, location and other related aspects will help you to know if the target audience is correct or if it is necessary to modify the content to cover a greater mass of interested people in the products or services.

– On the growth of followers: taking Instagram as an example, you can access this social network and see, among other statistics, the data on the increase or decrease of followers through a timeline that will help you analyze the frequency and the content of the publications. If the number of followers is increasing, it means that you are doing things right.

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– Recommendations or references of followers: it is necessary to know which social networks are sending more public to the website and thanks to what this is happening. To do this, you can go to Google Analytics and enter the section Acquisition> Social Media and there you will see all this data.

– The bounce rate: platforms such as Google Analytics will help you know if the bounce rate is high or low. If it is high, it means that you are promising more than the account in the publications on social networks because users will leave the website quickly, all this when seeing that the information was not expected.

– Other data presented by the applications to increase the social reach: to know how many people an advertising campaign has reached in an application, it is enough to access the metrics that you will find in the business section of each social network and thus compare among others to which have had greater acceptance and the reason for this in order to improve in the following campaigns.

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Obvious, but basic advice for any professional in the sector.