Apple now also sells Xbox controllers

Apple now also sells Xbox controllers


They are offered at a price of 59.99 € on the Apple website.

The new iOS version makes the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch compatible with Xbox and PlayStation controllers. An opening to gaming that is largely due to the arrival of Apple Arcade, Apple’s subscription gaming service. It seems that the firm wants to assert its new position by offering its customers to acquire video game controllers directly from its website.

For now, Apple only offers Xbox controllers on its e-shop. Since Apple products are also compatible with the PlayStation DualShock controllers, we can imagine that they also appear on the Apple website. Unless there is an explanation for the presence of only Xbox controllers on the site.

Indeed, the presence of Xbox One controllers could be explained in two points. The first is the fact that there are several models and some are not compatible with Apple products. By offering them directly on its e-shop, the Californian firm probably seeks to avoid any confusion.

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If this is the reason why the Xbox One controller is found on the Apple online store, the lack of PlayStation controllers makes sense. Indeed, on the Sony side, there is no problem compatibility since there is only one DualShock controller model.

If Apple has aligned itself with the official Microsoft offer, the Xbox One controller’s price tag (59.99 €) could cool some players. Indeed, many are the most interesting offers on the web, still must not be wrong in the model: Xbox wireless controller.

Particular partners

The second point that explains the presence of the Microsoft controller on the Apple e-shop is also based on the fact that the two companies are very close, contrary to what one might think. Indeed, the two behemoths have actually been partners for years. Microsoft has also bought shares of Apple in the late 90s.

Since then, the two American companies are doing services. Apple sells Office licenses to its customers and Microsoft develops applications for iPhone and even offers to download iTunes on Windows.

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Finally, for now, there is no question that the iPhone, iPad, iTouch, and Apple TV are compatible with the controllers of the Switch, although it could be interesting. Apple could open to this possibility in the future. To have.