how can i see who viewed my fb profile

How to you know who looks your Facebook profile?


How can i see who viewed my fb profile

Facebook is one of the most users social networks in the worldwide. According to Statista, by the end of 2021 there were 2 billion daily users visiting this platform, making it the number one social network.

With the functions it offers, you can do an infinite number of things, such as sharing statuses and stories, uploading images and videos, reacting to other publications, sending messages, etc.

However, it has also been a key piece to get to know other people in depth, it is only enough to spy a little on their profile to know their tastes and interests and a little more about their private life.

This is called stalking in the digital community, which refers to the action of checking a person’s profile several times to see all the content they share here. This has often caused users to be curious to know which of their Facebook contacts visits their profile frequently.

And although it seems impossible to know, the reality is that there is a very simple trick that will allow you to know who has spied on your profile in recent days. At Tech Bit we give you the details on how to do it.

Find out who reviewed your Facebook profile

Undoubtedly, Facebook is one of the social networks that allows us to find out about many things, from world news to information that surrounds the “private” life of your friends and contacts.

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For this reason, the interest of many is to know who reviews their profile, in view of this, there is a simple trick that will help you discover it.

Just follow these steps and soon you will know who stalks you on facebook:

Go to Facebook from your computer and log in.

Go to your personal profile.

Once you’re there, press the F12 key or Ctrl + U.

Doing so will automatically open a screen with the Facebook HTML code.

When this code is open, press Ctrl +F.

Again a window will open that says “Find by staring, selector or XPath”, and a small box will appear to write and search.

There you must enter the word Buddy_ID and press the Enter key.

In the HTML code, the parts where the word Buddy_ID comes from will be underlined and next to it there will be an extension number that is slightly variable.

Copy one of those codes.

Open a new Facebook window with the URL and after the slash write the code you copied.

This will redirect you to the profile of the person who reviewed your Facebook profile in the last few days.

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To discover all the users who have reviewed your profile, you must write each of the codes you find after a “Buddy_ID” in the platform URL.

For this trick to work, it is extremely important that you copy exactly the number that appears after “Buddy_ID” because if there is an error in a digit, it is most likely that the message that there is an error or that there is an error will appear on the screen. the content is not available.

In some cases it will not be necessary to copy code by code, since in some HTML codes the user name to whom this code belongs appears before or below “Buddy_ID”. In the event that it is not displayed in this way on your computer, then it will be necessary to copy each of the codes that it throws on the screen.

As you can see, the trick is too simple, plus it doesn’t put your private information at risk and the best thing is that this time you won’t be left with the curiosity of knowing who has been checking your Facebook profile.