Google sends private videos to strangers

Google sends private videos to strangers


This is quite uncomfortable.

Google reported last Monday that private videos from Google Photo users may have exported to strangers. This is due to a technical problem, Google said.

This technical problem was on November 21, 2019 and was resolved four days later on November 25. It only affected people who used the Google Takeout “Download your data” as export. This also includes the content that was in Google Photos.

People who have downloaded their data now probably also have videos of someone in their (incomplete) files.

The number of people who used Google Takeout in those notorious five days is very small. Google reported to 9to5Google that only 0.01 percent of the Photos profiles that Takeout used to download have fallen victim to this. Photos had more than 1 billion users in July, as it is on many Android devices.

Google claims that the problem has been resolved and that a proper analysis has been carried out to prevent this problem from happening. The victims were informed of the error, along with an apology from Google and a suggestion to export another content and remove the previous one.