Gmail includes photo blocking feature on iOS

Gmail includes photo blocking feature on iOS


Google offers an update to its Gmail app for iOS. An update that offers users the ability to reduce email tracking with a new feature. This allows you to block the automatic display of images received by mail. Why is this a good thing?

Previously on iOS, when a user opened an email that contained images, they were downloaded automatically. However, in some cases, trackers in the form of invisible images could be in the mails, informing the sender that the recipient had opened the email.

The new setting put in place by Google allows the user to disable the automatic display of images and thus, to prevent the sender is informed that he has opened the email. It’s a way to protect the privacy of users.

In the description of its update, Google says: “You can now receive a confirmation request before external images are displayed automatically. To enable this option for new incoming messages, select Settings> Specific account> Images and select “Request confirmation before displaying external images.”

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To enjoy it, update its Gmail application and follow the instructions of Google, here above.