Apple confirms event for this September 10, and this is the invitation this year

Apple confirms event for this September 10, and this is the invitation this year


Apple has managed to implement successful marketing strategies, but the genius of its flagship products have been primarily responsible for the brand’s success in the technology market.

Describing Apple forces us to think about the genius of Steve Jobs and the importance of its flagship products such as the iPhone or MacBook.

Thanks to this and Apple has managed to implement successful marketing strategies is that the brand has become a reference in the technology market, thanks to the design that continues to distinguish it and the promise of design that at the time conquered the consumer.

In this strength that the brand has, it has made services and products such as wearables its two large gold mines, thanks to the fact that it managed to exploit a resource in which it also led to set a pattern imitated by the competition: a brand ecosystem.

This has made the presentation of new products or updates events become a public relations strategy imitated by other technology firms and complemented by brands that have even been inspired by this strategy to launch advertising campaigns, as happened in Mexico with Scribe and “We keep writing your story with Scribe.”

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The campaign is made up of several pieces that make it look like a notebook of the brand in the latest among the great innovation proposal with various technological products.

Apple’s next event
Amid this expectation that Apple has established in the market, it has finally announced that September 10 will be the forthcoming launch of its new products, among which a renewed range of iPhone and Apple Watch is expected.

This year’s invitation was characterized by having the Apple logo with the colors green, purple, red, yellow, and blue.

The appointment is on September 10 at 10 in the morning at the Steve Jobs Theater and is accompanied by a creative copy that reads: “For innovation only.”

Brand Genius
The genius of Apple has been patented through products that have marked a design pattern and at the time, innovation, thanks to this it has been able to develop successful marketing strategies, which have been able to complement this technological proposal, which has marked its leadership in that industry.

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Such has been the guarantee of this formula that figures from Statista’s ‘Top 100 Tech Companies’ have placed Apple as the company with the highest number of revenues in the technology segment, a crown challenging to win, but easy to lose.

In order to retain it, Apple has been able to implement successful marketing, advertising, and public relations strategies so that its presentation events became a concept not only original but beneficial and imitated by the competition as well as by brands from other industries.