Apple to Put Up its HomePod for Sale in Japan Users On August 23

Apple to Put Up its HomePod for Sale in Japan Users On August 23


Before few months, in July, Apple had announced it would launch the HomePod in Japan maybe in summer. Now the phone maker has confirmed in a press release, that its Siri-enabled smart speaker will arrive in the Japanese market on 23rd August. The news has arrived on Apple’s regional web portal. Users from Japan can book the HomePod starting from today. It will cost 32,800 yen, in Japan, to buy the latest Apple HomePod obtainable in space gray and white color.

The company might offer the latest smart speaker with new functionalities, including iOS 13 by the end of 2019. The revamp will introduce Handoff support in HomePod. It will enable users to transfer playback from an iPhone to the smart speaker automatically. Even more, iOS 13 also consists of an updated setup process for HomePod. Apart from this, Apple’s Siri is offering support for playing thousands of games on the iPhone and HomePod. Although, the new OS will provide functionality like recognizing the voice commands of multiple users.

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Philip Schiller, Apple’s senior VP of worldwide marketing, says HomePod offers a more customized music experience. It has grasped potential speaker technology which deploys Hi-Fi sound along with Apple’s giant Music library. As per the Apple executive, the HomePod is a perfect wireless speaker for music lovers along with Siri’s smartness. Philip says they are excited to deploy the latest smart speaker to Japanese consumers. Even more, the executive wishes to feel how wonderful the sound will be at homes in Japan. Philip highlights he can’t wait for the experience.

In 2017, the phone maker had launched its HomePod firstly in the United States. In February 2018, the HomePod arrived in Australia and the UK. Following that, some more markets like China and Hong Kong, have gained access to Apple’s HomePod. Even more, the product has diversified across many other countries like France, Germany, and Canada.