6 Halloween makeovers for kids very easy to imitate

6 Halloween makeovers for kids very easy to imitate


Whether you’re a fan of Halloween or not, if you have kids at home, you’re sure to experience it in a very different way. This date is the perfect excuse for them to dress up as their favorite characters (whether or not they fit in with the theme of the party). So, whether you plan to dress up and prepare your home with the most terrifying decorations or not, you may need costume ideas for your children to take to school, to that meeting that their friends have organized or simply for the illusion that makes them.

And, as we know you don’t like to complicate things, in addition to offering you the best costume ideas for children and babies, right here we leave you a selection of 6 super easy to make up with which your children will be the most original of the party.

The best Halloween makeup ideas for kids


Traditional of this time, the success of the movie Coco caused the Mexican skulls to gain much more prominence in all events that required dressing up. A trend that is also transferred to the world of the little ones, with proposals as simple and special as this one. A makeup that can be accompanied or not by a costume and that we love because you yourself can choose the level of elaboration and difficulty according to your skills. To get it, you only need white paint to cover the face and some pencils or markers to complete the rest of the details.

Eulenspiegel face paints have been manufactured according to the Cosmetics Regulation and Directive 2009/48/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council, do not contain gluten, perfumes or products that may cause allergies, so they are completely safe. But in addition, they achieve a very opaque effect, ideal for makeup like the one we propose. To remove it, you only need a little water or soap.

This pack of paints for face and body will come in handy not only for this makeup, but for any other. In addition to the black color (essential for outlining the contours and adding details to the Mexican skull), it includes 41 other shades (14 of them metallic) that will come in handy if you want to add more details to the design, such as flowers or drawings around the eyes. Toxic-free and safe for children, they meet U.S. toy standards.


Again, the options are endless, but the simplest one requires only a bit of black paint. So you can recreate the makeup we show you, with black lips and dark circles under the eyes, to which you can add -if you want- a white base to pale the face and get a much more terrifying result.

This black eyeliner is especially recommended to create a smoky effect, just what we want to achieve with our witch makeup. With a very soft texture and long-lasting effect, it does not irritate the skin or eyes and is completely safe. In addition, it is very easy to apply thanks to its thickness. The best part? You can use it for more costumes and even use it in your everyday life as a black eyeliner, as it allows you to create more discreet and simple designs.

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Pallor, dark circles under the eyes and a pair of fangs (to which you can add a touch of red in reference to blood). That’s all you need to create a successful vampire make-up. As for the outfit, you can accompany it with a specific costume with all the accessories, or a simple black cape over an outfit preferably in the same tone.

Both to apply the white foundation and to blend the rest of the cosmetics and create different effects, it will be very useful to have a set of sponges like this one. A total of 11 pieces of different shapes and sizes to fit every area of the face, all of them made of a latex-free hydrophilic sponge material and suitable for all skin types. It is very soft to the touch and you can use it on powder or liquid cosmetics, so its uses are infinite. In addition, they are delivered in a box where you can store them and make sure you have them all together and perfectly located.

To draw the fangs, these Snazaroo markers, whose tip has been specially designed for fine drawings and more detail, will come in handy. Free of parabens and perfumes, they are suitable for sensitive skin and therefore completely safe for children. They are delivered in packs of 3 units and you can choose the color combinations that best suit you according to the makeup you want to do. In our case, black and white is perfect for a vampire costume.

To draw the fangs will come in handy these Snazaroo markers whose tip has been specially designed for fine drawings and more detail. Free of parabens and perfumes, they are suitable for sensitive skin and therefore completely safe for children. They are delivered in packs of 3 units and you can choose the color combinations that best suit you according to the makeup you want to do. In our case, black and white is perfect for a vampire costume.


If you want an elaborate result without much effort, you can always opt for themed costumes that are very easy to imitate, such as the classic IT clown.

Although for the IT makeup you only need white, black and red, the truth is that this Snazaroo face paint case will come in handy to make all kinds of designs. A very good option if you do not want to get different cosmetics and prefer to have only one that offers you a global solution. Inside you will find 8 colors of hypoallergenic makeup, free of perfumes and toxins, water-based and suitable for the most sensitive skins. Recommended for children over 3 years of age, you can apply it with a sponge or brush and to remove it you only need a little soapy water.

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To achieve greater precision when drawing the red lines of the clown’s smile, it will be very useful to have a felt-tip pen, as you will achieve much greater precision (unless you are an expert with brushes). That’s why we’ve added this set of 6 Carioca makeup sticks that have been dermatologist-tested and declared suitable for both children and adults. They are very easy to use: just twist the base to release the color and paint on the skin. They are washable with water and you can mix them together to create different designs.


If you’re looking for a wildcard makeup to make your daughter the scariest of the night no matter what she’s wearing, then this inspiration will come in handy. With pale base, black smokey and red details in clear reference to blood, it fits perfectly for a witch or vampire costume, as well as a zombie or spirit. And you don’t need a lot of experience either, as the strokes should be vague.

To recreate this makeup, in addition to the white paint base and black eyeliner we’ve shown you above, you only need one more product to add to your list. These original matte-finish, water-resistant red lipsticks, which come in an original cotton swab format. Thus, the head allows you to apply it in the smoothest way and create a smoky effect. Available in different shades of red and orange, you can use it not only for the lips, but also to create the effect of bleeding that falls down the cheeks. And they can’t be more comfortable to wear.


Although the theme is very clear, there are many children who prefer to stand out and go for their favorite characters or costumes. And no one dares to contradict a child when something gets between the eyebrows. Therefore, it is likely that he will ask you for a fairy or princess makeup like the one in the picture. One of the easiest alternatives for which you will also only need one product: a very complete face paint case.

In addition to 24 makeup colors of superior cosmetic grade and suitable for sensitive skin such as children, this face painting kit also includes 32 stencils with shapes and drawings (including the Superman logo, bat shapes, spiders, vampires or pumpkins, among others) and two brushes. An ideal option to create infinite designs with little effort. In addition, the paints are very easy to remove as you only need a little warm water and soap. To use them, add a little water until the surface of the paint is pasty and then apply it to the skin.