The best tips for celebrating Valentine's Day in times of pandemic

The best tips for celebrating Valentine’s Day in times of pandemic

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Many couples will celebrate Valentine’s Day remotely this year. Although being in different places is stressful for many, the truth is that we have tools, that there are no excuses: things can work if they are done with love and will on the part of all those involved in the relationship. This time you will live on February 14 in a different place than your partner? Say no more: we give you the best tips to celebrate Valentine’s Day remotely.


As we already mentioned, these are difficult times, but we have tried to adapt to them. Whether you and your partner are taking care of each other from the pandemic, or you are in different cities / countries, you can celebrate your love this Valentine’s Day with a virtual date. They can organize a video call on Zoom, but instead of it being the typical chat, they can have dinner, have some wine (maybe organize a tasting!), Or they can also play something online.

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The point is to give a twist to the video calls that they surely do regularly, but this time they can give it the romantic twist to remember how much they love each other.

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Watching a movie together is a great option! As you know, there is the Netflix party plug-in so that you can watch a movie with your partner (or your friends) simultaneously, without counting down or suffering so that no one is a second ahead or behind. It is a great option to celebrate Valentine’s Day from a distance!


Of course! Nudes are MORE than valid for celebrating your love and intimacy. To take a good nude you only need good light and a lot of creativity. HOWEVER, remember not to take photos where your face is seen or elements that will recognize you appear. You never know what can happen to those photos (a hack or misuse), so better to be safe (we know, how lazy, but better to take that scenario into account. Hopefully a day will come when we can have nice things).

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Remember we said that technology is on our side in EVERY way? Well that includes sex toys, and now there are hundreds of options for long-distance couples. They work very easily: they are activated remotely and one person can control the toy while the other enjoys those ‘messages’. They are so much fun and they add that kinky touch to the relationship.