Apple Releases New OS Patch One Week After Last Update

Apple Releases New OS Patch One Week After Last Update


No matter how innovative an operating system has, if you are not safe from cybercrime, you will not be successful. Therefore, it is the job of the program developers, to make it impenetrable for hackers. The owners of cell phones or different electronic devices put a large part of their personal information there. So this should not present vulnerabilities. It was precisely what happened to the iOS 14.5 update released just last week.

Review the Phone Arena portal that just seven days after launching iOS 14.5, Apple had to update the patch and release iOS 14.5.1. The reason is a simple modification that, if not corrected, would have been a huge problem. According to the security firms that analyzed the vulnerability, the problem with the previous operating system allowed hackers to execute commands on the victim’s iPhone.

Therefore, they added Apple’s operating system update for iPhone and also for iPads. Representatives of the Cupertino company issued a statement on their support page, in which they do not clarify exactly what the specific vulnerability was, with the intention of maintaining the safety of its users. However, they speak of a “web content created with malicious purposes”.

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“For the protection of our customers, Apple does not disclose, discuss or confirm security issues until an investigation has been conducted and patches or versions are available,” they said.

Apple update
The update from a week ago was one of the most anticipated in a long time for Apple users. Finally, the company added the function that allows the user to choose whether or not he wants to be tracked for advertising purposes. That is, companies that do tracking will not be able to offer their services through posts or suggestions on social networks such as Facebook or Instagram.

Similarly, according to data provided by the Phone Arena itself, of the number of users surveyed, 47% agreed to remain on the advertising radar. Therefore, many companies continue to access this service that is usually offered by networks.

Who updates iOS 14.5.1?
The same Apple support portal details the iPhone and iPad models that have access to this new update. Therefore, they are detailed below.

Future of iPhone
Since November 2020 there is a rumor that Apple, like other cell phone brands, intends to enter the world of folding smartphones. However, this would not be as soon as it was thought.

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As reviewed by Macrumors, Ming-Chi Kuo has published a new report where he talks about the now inevitable flexible screen iPhone. He stating that the company would not be ready to launch it to the market until 2023.

With the help of some informants, Kuo allegedly obtained information about the preliminary technical specifications of this iPhone. Where the screen would have a QHD + resolution, with a length of 8 inches diagonally.

In theory the supplier of these displays would be Samsung, which makes sense from his experience in this area. And it is also likely that from there it has obtained the data that for its touch functions they will use a different technology than that of the South Korean company.

In theory Apple would be aiming to manufacture between 15 and 20 million units for the first generation of this folding device to compete with brands that are already established in the market.