The racing game Forza Street arrives on the iPhone

The racing game Forza Street arrives on the iPhone


The mobile app is available for free on the App Store.

After several months of delay, the mobile adaptation of the Forza series of racing games finally arrives on smartphone. An adaptation that is far from being as ambitious as the original works. It is closer to Need for Speed ​​with night racing in an urban environment.

With Forza Street, it will not be a question of simulation, but rather of an arcade game focused on the general public. The controls are reduced to the strict minimum.

Players will still be able to have fun through underground racing at the wheel of impressive cars and customize them, all in the city of Miami. Forza Street includes a narrative campaign, as well as weekly and thematic online events of limited duration. Challenges will also be offered regularly to players.

Note that the game allows you to continue shopping on another device. Thus, it is possible to transfer your progress on iPhone to a Windows device by logging into your Xbox Live account.

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Free-to-play, Microsoft’s mobile game, unfortunately, relies on the economic model of loot boxes banned in Belgium. To take advantage of it, you will have to get around the restrictions. We explain how to do it here.