MagSafe charger can leave a mark on iPhone cases

The MagSafe charger can leave a mark on iPhone cases


On the occasion of releasing its new iPhones and new products, Apple has updated its support page. We learn that the new MagSafe wireless charger can leave a circular mark on iPhone cases.

The Cupertino company has published a new support article dedicated to the MagSafe charger with recommendations on how to use it correctly. First, Apple points out that the wireless charger works with an adapter of at least 12 W, but that charging will be slow. It is, therefore, better to opt for a 20W adapter.

Then, the American firm specifies that it is imperative to remove everything between the phone and the MagSafe charger. This includes credit cards, passports, or anything else with a magnetic strip or chip.

Finally, at the end of the article, Apple writes a little this, “If you keep your iPhone in a leather case while charging with your MagSafe charger, the case may display circular fingerprints of the contact.”

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A MacRumors reader shared a photo of his iPhone 12 shell on which we can indeed see a circular mark. This is the official MagSafe case, which is puzzling. We can imagine that the brand intensifies over the refills.

It is difficult to know if these traces are permanent or not, Apple does not specify it, but it would be better to remove the shell of your iPhone to enjoy wireless charging while avoiding the charger leaving a trace on the shell.