The best homemade gifts for this Valentine's Day

The best homemade gifts for this Valentine’s Day

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This 2021 time has passed FLYING! We are already a very short time before the long awaited Valentine’s Day arrives and neither confinement, nor any other factor, will ruin this great celebration that pays tribute to love and friendship, because we assure you that you do not need to spend a lot of money or leave home to get the most special gifts for your loved ones.

What you will require is all your creativity, attitude, your best intentions, a little time and patience and, of course, the list of all those people you love so much and whom you want to pamper and express how important their love is to you. and friendship on February 14. Here we present the most original homemade and DIY gift ideas for your partner or bff on Valentine’s Day.

1. An ideal homemade dessert or sauce for valentine’s day!
Yes, we know that it is one of the first gift ideas for Valentine’s Day and friendship that has probably already crossed your mind, but that does not make it any less special, because it will be up to you to make it so cool, fun, original and unexpected as you prefer.

To fulfill this mission, successfully, we suggest you take these factors into account: the preferred flavors (of drinks, desserts, snacks or dishes) of the person you will surprise, if there is any food that he does not like and causes allergies or another type of discomfort and the time of day when you know that it will be free on February 14 and, therefore, you can enjoy your culinary creation with all the calm and pleasure in the world.

From the so fashionable hot cocoa bombs (which when opened, when they come into contact with hot chocolate, can throw cookies or chocolates in the shape of hearts), pizzas and heart-shaped waffles, to avocado toasts (also heart shapped) or That pasta that you love so much (with its original shape, but with a very romantic table decoration or with some drinks worthy of Valentine’s Day) do not limit yourself and select the best menu you consider!

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2. Personalized Letters to Express Your Love and Friendship
Have you heard that famous phrase that says that “an action is worth a thousand words”? Well, you should know that when you put together phrases that come from your heart with a special detail, you get an UNFORGETTABLE gift. For this reason, cards will NEVER go out of style, they will only reinvent themselves over time.

Take advantage of technology to create an eco-friendly letter, there are many apps that will easily allow you to make short videos and animations to express all your love or friendship to anyone. Another good idea is to give away a personalized photo album and write a special message below or above each image.

3. Gifts That Are Experiences
In case you have the opportunity to spend February 14 with your bff or partner, we highly recommend putting together a gift as an experience!

A romantic movie night? A dinner set in another era (we propose the 19th century, in a Bridgerton way)? An afternoon of board games with prizes and challenges? Karaoke night and dancing? Recreate beauty, craft, or cooking tutorials? TOTALLY! The joke is to have fun and create a memory that will last a lifetime this Valentine’s Day

By the way, video calls are also perfect to enjoy experiences like a virtual party or sleepover night remotely with online games, Instagrammable cocktails and lots of laughs!

4. DIY Garments and Accessories
On the internet (especially on YouTube) you will find a wide variety of tutorials to create or decorate bracelets, necklaces, headbands and any other type of accessories and garments (from bags and shoes to denim jackets, jeans and masks or a cell phone case), So you could upgrade your friend or partner’s closet by giving them a unique piece this Valentine’s Day.

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Patches, sequins, and studs are items that you could easily add to the gifts you plan to give. And if you flatly feel that you need help but, at the same time, you want to capture your creative idea and personality according to the essence of your date or bff, turn to brands that personalize clothes and accessories with the help of artists (either painting or embroidery) so that together they can create a 100% unique piece.

5. Easy Crafts for Home
We assure you that there will be no person who does not appreciate some nice detail for their home, either as a decorative and functional element and the best thing is that many are super easy to do and take less time than you suspect.

For example, you can buy frames (preferably made of a sustainable material) and then decorate them with paint and other elements that fill it with color and life (stone applications or designs inspired by animal print, for example). You could do the same with napkin rings, vases, soap dishes and small computers (although in these cases we ask you to respect the aesthetics of the living room, dining room, bedroom or bathroom of your Valentine in question, so that it does not break the harmony of your home) .

The sets of frames with phrases could also be a very cool idea to decorate the house of your friend or partner, especially if they are accompanied by illustrations that reflect their personality and interests. For example, if that special person is a fan of tattoos, you could surprise her with an artistic illustration that pays tribute to her tattoos (or the next ones she wants to do) and after acquiring the piece you could make her a very special letter on the back. of the drawing and seal it with a large frame made by yourself!