Sony is working on a new version of Xperia Compact phones to compete with the iPhone 12 Mini

Sony is working on a new version of Xperia Compact phones to compete with the iPhone 12 Mini


In 2020, Apple decided to introduce two small devices in its smartphone catalog: an SE model that returned to the previous wide-edge design, and a 12 mini device with powerful specs in a smaller body. Although this more modern attempt does not seem to be of interest to users, other brands have decided to go that way. One of them is Sony.

According to OnLeaks, the Japanese company is working on a 5.5-inch model and all high-end conditions, just as it did when it kept the “Compact” version alive in the Xperia line. This new variant would be a bit smaller than the XZ2 and a bit longer than the iPhone 12 Mini.

Specifically, the rumor points to a 140 x 68.9 x 8.9 mm device, but with very wide edges and an 8MP camera embedded in a drop-shaped notch. Despite that, the bottom edge is very large, according to the leaked images.

To top it off, the possible Xperia Compact brings a dual camera system, a side fingerprint sensor and the classic button to shoot photos. Also, Sony would have considered including a headphone jack on top.

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The issue is in the decision. Although this equipment seems to be advanced in the production phase, interest in the format has waned, as evidenced by the recent sales report of the iPhone 12 Mini. This could impact the acceptance of this new Xperia Compact.

Recall that Sony Mobile decided to abandon the Latin American market due to its low sales and the low growth rate in the region. Today its catalog is specified in specific markets globally, so we doubt that this variant, if it manages to reach the market, can be available in Latin America.