Samsung Galaxy Fold SmartPhone is coming to the Netherlands

Samsung Galaxy Fold SmartPhone is coming to the Netherlands


The foldable smartphone from manufacturer Samsung, better known as the Galaxy Fold, comes to the Netherlands. The device can be ordered from Friday and will be delivered from January 10.

The Samsung Galaxy Fold can be ordered from the Samsung website from Friday. If you prefer to have the device physically in your hands immediately, you can go to the Samsung Experience Store in Hoog Catherijne. In addition, the device will soon be offered by telecom providers KPN and T-Mobile.

The folding telephone is only available in black at the Dutch launch. The device goes over the counter for the suggested retail price of € 2020. Consumers who purchase the foldable telephone receive the Galaxy Buds and a cover for free. According to Samsung, the circulation is limited.

Special about the new smartphone from Samsung is the foldable screen, which when folded has a 7.3 inch format. On the outside is also a screen, which is 4.6 inches tall. The device has 12 GB of memory and 512 GB of storage.

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Now anyway
The launch of the Samsung Galaxy Fold should have taken place earlier, but was delayed at the last minute last year. The device still had some technical problems, which came to light thanks to international tech journalism.

The foldable screen, for example, was too fragile and broke relatively quickly and easily. The indispensable top layer of the screen could easily be removed, making the device unusable immediately.

Back and improved
After the delay, Samsung immediately went back to the drawing table and released a new version of its folding phone to the market last September. This time with a screen layer with no visible edges. In addition, the company has replaced the hinge, which also caused problems, with a smaller version.

The folding Samsung phone would not originally come to the Dutch market, but this is going to happen now. A development that Samsung Netherlands is enthusiastic about. With the arrival of the foldable phone to Dutch soil, Korean smartphone manufacturer also has a scoop: it will be the first smartphone with a folding screen that will be available in the Netherlands.