Pokémon: Farfetch’d evolves after seven generations

Pokémon: Farfetch’d evolves after seven generations


‘Pokémon Sword and Shield’ has brought a novelty that could bring back old players: Farfetch’d evolution is official. For those who do not remember this character, it is a creature with the appearance of a wild duck that always carries a leek, a vegetable like a long onion.

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This rare Pokémon is among the most popular of the first generation because it was only achieved through exchanges. Although it is not considered useful for fighting, its appearance and way of being has won the hearts of many fans of the franchise’s anime and video games.

However, it was a pity that this curious character did not have evolution. That is why ‘Pokémon Sword’ surprised to include its evolution called Sirfetch’d, which itself is a fighting type and continues to carry a leek, although shaped like a sword, and accompanies it with a thick-leaved shield.

The appearance of a gentleman of this new Pokémon has delighted the players, who extend their expectations to try the title to be released. So far, it is only known that Sirfetch’d will have a stellar assault technique with which he attacks his opponents with his leek at high speed, however, the disadvantage is that it takes a turn. Without a doubt, it was worth waiting for seven generations to meet him.