NVIDIA extends its G-Sync technology to more monitors

NVIDIA extends its G-Sync technology to more monitors


With the new “Game Ready Drivers” NVIDIA improves its G-Sync technology

Thanks to the possibility of updating its components, there are many players who enjoy the advantages of the PC world. Now, NVIDIA continues to advance its G-Sync monitor technology, providing the best gaming experience possible.

And it is that the company has just announced the launch of the “Game Ready Drivers”, a new controller for the graphics of the players that arrive completely optimized for titles such as Apex Legends, the next ARK: Genesis or the new expansion of The Division 2 : Warlords of New York.

Thanks to these controllers, the list of monitors compatible with G-Sync technology is expanded. You can check if your monitor is among them through this link. Thanks to this technology, NVIDIA guarantees a higher variable refresh rate range, achieving images without distortions, interruptions and with the minimum possible latency.

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