Study Finds: Most of the Dietary Supplements Do Not Offer Benefits Against Heart Diseases

Most of the Dietary Supplements Do Not Offer Benefits Against Heart Diseases

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More than half of the adults admit they use dietary supplements. But do those health supplements actually offer health benefits? A new study reveals most of the vitamins and minerals does not provide anything to heart. According to an analysis of hundreds of existing studies, some products might raise the risk of stroke or cardiovascular arrest. Thus it is clear that most of the dietary supplements do not offer protection against premature or early death. Experts have discovered millions of people consume multivitamins, fish oil, and antioxidants. But those supplements not at all affect demise rate.

Scientists from the West Virginia University carried out the study, published on Monday in the journal Annals of Internal Medicine. The team has studied around 277 trials, including a collective 1 million people, to know the impact of 16 different types of nutritional supplements. It also includes an analysis of eight dietary involvements. They have found most of the nutritional supplements play no role in the case of cardiovascular diseases. As per researchers, around 34% of people consumer vitamins and supplements routinely. The consumption has boosted the market growth by 6% in the past few years.

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Dr. Safi Khan, study’s leading author, noted only one out of eight dietary alterations estimated had some proven effects in reducing cardiovascular risk. As per the author, their analysis shows the fish oil is protective against heart attack and supplements with folic acid can avoid stroke. Dr. Khan notifies this massive study includes a very simple message, i.e., do not waste money on supplements. The study pinpoints omega-3 fatty acids, a common element of fish oil can assist in reducing cardiovascular disease, including heart attack. Even more, consuming calcium and vitamin D collectively made strokes more probably. According to the review, almost everything else like niacin, iron, selenium, multivitamins had no crucial effect on heart diseases and death rate.