Microsoft Introduces New Features in Skype for to All users

Microsoft Introduces New Features in Skype for to All users


Microsoft announced on Thursday (29) some news for Skype, which reaches both the application and the desktop version. Chat software, which is often used extensively by businesses, now gains draft messaging, media previews, and split-screen capabilities.

According to the official blog post on Skype, messages that were typed and never sent will not disappear forever. These drafts are now saved to the conversation window in question and available for shipping at any time.

Another new feature of Skype is the option to favor messages, making searching between conversations much faster. To save, click on the news that will be favored and then “Add.”

Microsoft also introduced new photos, videos, and files, which now show a preview in the message pane. The feature is ideal for the user to make sure they are sending the correct document.

Images and videos sent in Skype will also be grouped, making it easy to organize and view the conversation.

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Finally, Microsoft says the application will allow split-screen display, keeping the contact list open in one window, and chats in separate windows.

The new features of Skype are already being made available to all users.