Images from Satellite Warns About Rapidly Burning Amazon Rainforest

Images from Satellite Warns About Rapidly Burning Amazon Rainforest


Wildfires fuming in the Amazon rainforest have crossed peak this year. INPE, Brazil’s space agency, has spotted around 73,000 fires in the current year. One of latest wire fire incident took place on Monday in the afternoon. At the time, the skies of Brazil’s city of Sao Paulo went dark. The smoke from the forest fires burning more than a thousand miles away entered into the city due to powerful winds. Even more, the smoke has traveled from the fires burning in the Brazilian states of Amazonas and Rondônia. As a result, it had turned the city sky to black for over an hour.

On the other hand, the Brazilian space agency notes the rise in forest fires marks 83% as that of the same time in 2018. According to INPE, since Thursday images from satellite have determined more than 9,000 latest forest fires across the nation. Although most of the wildland fire took place in the Amazon basin, shelter to the world’s largest tropical rainforest accounted for combatting global warming. While images also reveal the northernmost state of Roraima wrapped in black smoke. On August 9, Amazonas has announced an emergency in the south of the state along with its capital, Manaus. On Friday, officials have announced environmental alert in Acre, an area on the boundary of Peru, due to fires.

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As per the INPE, alone dry season or natural events are not liable for the blazing wildfires. Alberto Setzer, an INPE scientist, said people usually hold the dry season accountable for Amazon’s wildfires, but that is not very true. Setzer noted the dry season results in a supportive environment to spread the fire. The scientist noted humans are liable for spark, which often takes place purposely or by accident. All in all, under Bolsonaro’s administration, the boost in deforestation is driving the Amazon state towards a hazardous situation. As a result, the forest may fade away, which is not good for the entire planet.