First electric van revolutionizes car technology

First electric van revolutionizes car technology


The first electric van has arrived and with it the revolution in car technology continues, which continues to lean towards electric energy and not fuel. This time it was in charge of the Airstream brand, which launched its eStream model, a fully electric camper.

The eStream joins a series of cars and automotive products that have opted for electric technology instead of fuel to power the operation of their vehicles. As you probably already know, electric cars are one of the best options to reduce pollution caused by the burning of fuels such as gasoline from traditional cars, and for this reason it is in the sights of many, although it is still within the reach of few. And it is that electric cars still have a high price for some people, associating themselves with luxury brands in the automotive industry such as Tesla and its never-ending inventions.

However, it is likely that over the years electric cars will be the most common and beneficial future for planet Earth, so the creation of new vehicles with this technology is a very good sign. And this time it was the turn of the first electric van.

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The Airstream eStream is the first electric van from this brand of American origin, which is well known for the design of its caravans, with a round, polished aluminum facade. In addition to this particular design, the brand always seeks to adapt to the needs and expectations of the contemporary public. For example, at the beginning of the pandemic they created a van designed to be able to work on the road; With the rise of the home office, who wouldn’t want to work in the forests and lakes on the way to a new destination?

Now, Airstream’s first electric van has arrived, boasting up to 242 horsepower and an easily charged battery that lasts about a week. To charge it, it works in the same way as a Tesla (in fact they can be charged with the same energy source). In addition, it does not have air conditioning, but instead has solar panels to regulate the temperature and everything inside is eco-friendly. As a cherry on the cake, it has an automatic driving mode in which you could take advantage of to see the landscape while the same vehicle takes you independently.

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EStream is the first electric van to combine retro design with electric technology and we hope it will be the beginning of an increasingly popular trend in the automotive industry, for the good of planet Earth. Something tells us that it will. For example, let’s remember the presentation of electric cars at CES 2022, where we can also confirm that the future is electric and not fossil.