CES 2020: Honda will present the steering wheel of the future

CES 2020: Honda will present the steering wheel of the future


The Japanese automaker plans to present various innovations during the next CES in Las Vegas. Among these concepts is a new generation steering wheel designed to change the perception of driving.

Double-tap to start the vehicle
In a statement released on December 18, 2019, Honda said it wanted to “naturally begin a transition to autonomous vehicles.” In other words, it’s about not taking the steps. How? ‘Or’ What? In particular thanks to a futuristic steering wheel, it intended to offer a different driving experience.

It will always be a question of turning the steering wheel left or right in order to steer the vehicle. On the other hand, you will have to push the latter in order to accelerate and pull it to slow down! In addition, starting the automobile will be done by two small taps on the steering wheel. However, it is clear that there is talk of a change of benchmarks that could be as attractive as it displeases.

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Move slowly towards autonomous driving
According to Honda, there will always be drivers who want to keep some control over the ride. Indeed, there are people for whom driving is pleasure above all. In addition, many are not yet ready to be fully guided by their automobile. This is why the manufacturer has equipped this futuristic steering wheel with eight different modes. In this way, the user will be able to progressively switch from very poorly assisted driving to 100% autonomous driving via different degrees of partial autonomy.

It should be noted that several sensors present in the vehicle will constantly detect the driver’s intentions regarding switching from one mode to another. The goal is to provide a driving experience qualified by Honda as instinctive. On the other hand, the most “free” mode will not completely let go of the driver. In other words, assistance systems will remain on standby in the event of human error, obviously for the sake of safety.

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During CES 2020, visitors will be able to attend a simulated demonstration of this concept of improved driving. In addition, the manufacturer will provide an overview of a complete mobility ecosystem planned for 2035, including vertical take-off and landing aircraft (VTOL).