Black Friday is coming: when the sales start at online

Black Friday is coming: when the sales start at online


On November 29, Black Friday will begin, or what is the same, the pre-Christmas sales days that began in the United States and that since 2012 have become popular in Spain. Although many things have changed since the beginning of this commercial holiday until now, the biggest transformation is that at the beginning the sales only lasted 24 hours and now, shops like Amazon extend it for a week.

In Spain, the first to apply the discounts will be Amazon, which will kick off on Monday, November 25. In addition, Inditex and its subsidiaries such as Zara, Mango or Berskha will join the sales a few hours before, they will do so at 20:00 on November 28 with a 20% discount on all products. Its biggest rival, H&M has announced that it will apply an additional 20% discount to the one applied. The fashion sector has been the most aggressive, at the moment, since Tendam (the former Cortefiel) has announced sales of between 25% and 50% in physical stores and in online commerce.

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Technology stores have not yet revealed how much their discounts will be, but companies such as MediaMarkt and the English Court have already announced that they will join these pre-Christmas sales days.

What impact does Black Friday have?
Black Friday in 2018 moved 1,560 million euros in purchases on the Internet in Spain, 10% more than in 2017, according to the Spanish Association of the Digital Economy. Physical trade, meanwhile, rebounded 8% thanks to these rebates and the average expenditure went from 233 euros per person in 2017 to 256 last year. Finally, SMEs increased their sales by 20% over the previous year. The forecasts for this year is that online sales exceed 1,600 and even 1,700 million euros.

Regarding employment, Adecco and its Adecco Outsourcing division expect that between 1,148,000 contracts will be signed in our country between November and next January, which will be 7.3% more than in the same period of 2018-2019. In these perspectives the impact of Black Friday and the Christmas campaign is contemplated.

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The OCU warns
The OCU has warned in recent years that Black Friday has more marketing than reality. According to the organization, only 37% of the products analyzed were cheaper in the Black Friday week than 30 days before. But not only that, 22% of the products were more expensive than at the end of October.