Apple unveils its new Beats headphones

Apple unveils its new Beats headphones


The new Beats Solo Pro have an active noise canceling system.

This is the first model of the brand to feature this feature yet very popular with music lovers. The model uses the so-called Pure ANC technology for adaptive noise cancellation, an adaptive noise reduction system, as well as better adaptability to users’ ears.

The helmet also has a charge via a Lightning cable, another novelty for the range of helmets Apple.

As with older models, such as Solo 3 Wireless and Studio 3 Wireless, the new Beats Solo Pro can be folded up to fit easily into a bag or drawer. Unfortunately, their folding is not totally flat which is still a shame.

They ship an Apple H1 chip that offers better wireless connectivity of the headset with the iPhone or Mac, especially in terms of speed of coupling and better stability of the connection.

Officially, the new Beats Solo Pro’s battery lasts up to 40 hours when the Pure ANC and the Transparency feature – which naturally filters ambient noise – are turned off. When both options are enabled, the headset will run for about 20 hours. With a charge of only 10 minutes using the Lightning cable, the headset can hold for nearly 3 hours of non-stop playback.

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Available for pre-order, the Beats Solo Pro will be marketed on October 30th. It will cost 299.95 € to acquire the new helmet signed Beats. The model will be available in various colors; black, ivory, gray, dark blue, light blue or red.